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Dependency files

  • MySQL (If you want the leaderboard feature)


The bought package will contain a .rar which holds up two folders.
One folder has the ESX version for the script, one is the fully standalone.
In the ESX version we used ESX.RegisterUsableItem function, for spawning the ball. (The sql file will not contain the balls to register them in your mysql database 'items' keep it in mind!!)
In the stalondalone version there are commands for the golfball spawns.
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    1. 1.
      Unzip the rar file, and copy the selected version folder to your Fivem resources folder.
    2. 2.
      Edit the commands in the server/server.lua folder, or make the events for your pleasure wherever you want.
    3. 3.
      Make the locale files for your nationality, if you do not want to edit the variables, just edit the default en.lua.
    4. 4.
      Change the config.lua file as you wish, but we do not recommend further editig in this, because you can fuck up many calculating things.

Enabling the leaderboard

If you want to enable the leaderboard, then you will need a mysql and you will need to import the golf.sql into your database.
After you successfully imported it, you just need to change the config.lua Enabled boolean.
Config.Toplist = {
Enabled = true, -- enable or disable the command (it will still gather information to the mysql)
Command = 'golfboard',
Count = 10 -- how many players shown in the leaderboards, html.

Common issues

The networked players are rotated around the ball.

This is an error which we could not fix, they are rotated because of the ball rotation after the hit.
We tried to change the ball's rotation when 'entering' into the aiming mode, but still buggy.
No idea, how could we make it work with our resource, because we are attaching the player to the ball, doing it differently makes the whole script stop functioning.
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