Aquiver Laptop (Dropship job, etc.)
We have a lot to talk about under, there is no need for description here. 🀐


The application was made with Vue, without webpack, so everything is clean and readable for human, but i do not recommend anything if you are not familiar with the languages.
Comes from that, without webpack, everything is readable and more 'hackers&readers' will come and try out some post requests, but every harmful post request is checked on the server, so there can be no exploit that can get the player in any advantage.
We are using HTML Localstorage for saving the email and other datas, so it will keep you logged in after you logout the game.
It always exchange data with the server when you log into the server to check your current email address and password matches the serversided one, and it will log you out if the password changed or anything happened with the email. (for no exploit etc.)
The script is full standalone, does not need any other framework to function properly.
MySQL data changes
We did not wanted to share the data everytime with the mysql database if you make a change or any other. So with the heavy mysql changed apps (gallery, or dropship), we load the entire data into a serversided table when the server starts, and we always adjust that table with the data change and they have a save frequency time, it makes everything function faster. (First we made it with full MySQL, there is a big difference, we can tell. 😎)
Used HTML, SCSS, Vue with Vuex store, JS, LUA

Obfuscate JS files

If you want more security, and you do not want the players to read the JS files, you can always obfuscate the HTML JS files.(

Current apps

Mailing system
This was the most important thing to make it first for our laptop system, we have not seen an email system for Fivem yet, so we wanted to create it.
  • You can register as many emails as you want, and let others to log into it, it is good for factions if your faction roleplaying a restaurant or any other, it is easily to manage because every member who has the access can send and watch emails.
  • If you change password while other users are logged into it, it will logout every users related to it (even offline).
  • When you send an email it will create two data in the mysql table, we need two, so it will allow the system to delete the email for ourself, without deleting the email on the other email address. (if you know what i mean. πŸ˜‚)
  • You can select emails for easier management, with it you can send them to the trashbox, etc.
  • Mails have unseen variable, so if your email system has unseen mails it will alert you on the Desktop. (It is shared with everyone, so if one of the email users, watched it, you do not get the notification that is is unseen.)
  • localStorage save (if you logout it will save your state and it will log you in after you logback to the server)
First it was made for only illegal factions, but now it is more like a messenger app than a Darkweb. (You can rename it easily if you want)
  • You can hide your identity with a button.
  • You can lock channels with passwords.
  • The numbers are between 1-48 and you need to select five numbers when you buy a ticket.
  • You can view your lottery history.
  • Full lottery history, with winner numbers, and how many players won in the exact game.
Dropship (JOB)
It is not really that dropship that you think, we did not want the player to upgrades his company fully and just wait for the money with afking the server, so the company members need to accept jobs and make it.
  • You can only own one company at a time, and you can not work at other company if you have one.
  • Invite system for company members, you can set the company share for your workers, so it will split the money with the worker if he made a job.
  • Dashboard, where you can change the image, lotto and description and every little thing, you can even watch other 'rival' companies.
  • Built in 'bank' system with withdraw, deposit and history. (With bank)
  • Eight shippable items to buy. (Electronic Parts, Car Parts, Foods, Drinks, Fruits & Vegetables, Perfume, Cigars) You need to buy this items, to accept a part job.
Firstly we just wanted to create a simple gallery application, but after we decided to make it a little complier, currently it is very similar to the 'TikTok' application, but with images.
  • You can comment under the images.
  • Like
  • Trending homepage, where you can see the most liked and commented pictures.
  • You can use hashtags in the description, and search images by the hashtags!
  • You need to upload the images with 3rd party website, like Imgur and insert the image url into the laptop. (There is not built in photo for the script like in the gcphone)
  • Simple market system, there is two category, one for vehicle(s) and one for other items.
  • If you create a vehicle, you can/need to insert the vehicle plate. (There is a function to check, that the player owns the vehicle or not, but you need to modify it in the config.lua)
  • There is no automation with this system, because every server has different vehicle market and system for the vehicle management, so you will need to email the owner or call him to make the deal work. 🧑
  • Nothing to explain, simple netbank system, where you can send payments for other users. (Also, you need to setup the bank functions in the config.lua)
  • You can insert description when you send the payment and you can watch it after, it will be saved in your history.
  • There is an unseen variable, so if you get a payment when you are offline or any other, you will have a Desktop 'notification' that you have unseen transactions etc.
  • Simple notes to save, this is not shared with users, it is just only for you.

You need to know

  • This is not a put in folder and go to resource, you need to adjust a couple of things to make everything smoothly functional, like telephone numbers, etc. (If you use gcphone, you just need to put the function for the getter and other small edits.)
  • Every neccessary getter function which you will need to set is in the config.lua, but keep reading until the installation. ❀
  • There are two translation file, one for HTML and one for the server/client lua files.

Dependency files

  • MySQL


  • 1. Extract the zip and put the folder into your resources folder.
  • 2. Import the .sql file into your mysql.
  • 3. Edit the .lua config files in the configs folder.
  • 4. Edit the server/client .lua translations, with the translations.lua. (Just edit the 'en' one, if you do not want to create another one table, etc.)
  • 5. Edit the html language files, /html/config.js

Important configs

You can disable every application one-by-one if you want, it is just a true/false setter at the top of the config.lua file.


  • The laptop currently opens with a command, insert the event for your desire, under an item use or any other.
TriggerClientEvent('avlaptop:open', source)

Bank management functions

  • Set up the getPlayerBankMoney, deletePlayerBankMoney, givePlayerBankMoney functions to make the resource properly manage your bankflow.

Phone number and player name(s)

  • getPlayerPhoneNumberByIdentifier is not neccessary to edit, but i guess you have a phone on your server, you just need to insert the phone number getter function inside this function, to make it work with phone numbers.
  • avPlayerName is also not neccessary to edit, we recommend that you add the roleplay names here, example with ESX. xPlayer.getName(), and you will have the character name everywhere in the scripts.

Dropship configs

  • The important variables will contain a description next to it, so we just write the really important ones here.
  • CreateCompanyPrice, not much to explain, we do not want every player to have a company.
  • MissionReward, we do not know your server economy, you will need to edit the money income in this table. (easy, min-max)
  • Warehouse item table. Again, you need to set the item prices here.
  • Upgrades table. Again, you need to set the item prices here.

Lotto configs

We recommend to only edit the price, defaultReward, rewardMultiplier, and maybe the time variable.
You can set the time as high as you want, if the server resets or anything happens, it will continue the remaining time, where it was saved before.


Just as every code, it can has bugs.
If any bug comes up, you can reach out in our Discord server in the support room.


Last modified 3mo ago